The Final Post: Analysis

After viewing all of the presentations I was most impressed with Natalie’s website focusing on student debt and Nate’s website, These two presentations stood out to me due to the fact that the gap in the market they are trying to fill is quite significant. Both websites proposed a clever combination of donations, advertisements and user-generated content that have the potential of turning them both into extremely popular site’s among their users. 

As for Natalie’s proposal, I believe a start-up emphasizing student debt could not be launched at a more perfect time. The class of 2013 is one of the largest graduating classes in Ithaca College’s history. This scenario is also the norm for universities across the nation. With such an unprecedented level of students graduating there are sure to be a multitude who will be struggling with student debt as they attempt to enter the workforce. Thus, the website that Natalie is proposing will have an expansive niche to target, and Natalie’s own experience dealing with student debt, will provide a personal aspect to the website, enabling it to effectively connect with its users. 

On the other hand, Nate’s start up is equally geared towards success. Moving from living at home to a student dormitory or an apartment is one of the most challenging times in a young adults life. The input provided on Nate’s website has the potential to be extremely useful to the myriad of students heading off to college for their first semester each year. Additionally, the fact that Nate is targeting the students themselves and not their parents is a move of extreme foresight. There are too many blogs to count focused on telling parents what to tell their children as they set off to college. From experience, the first inclination of a young adult is to ignore this advice when it comes from you parents. However, if this advice is coming from a third party and it is directly aimed at the students themselves, it has the potential of having a much greater impact, while simultaneously encouraging the students to utilize the website on their own accord. My only suggestion would be to alter the focus of the website from apartment life to dormitory living, as a students first year is when they are most apt to seek out assistance from a “mom” who can help them make sense of how to effectively coexist in their new surroundings.  


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